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Advantages of using cycling shoes for an indoor cycle class.

January 15, 2014

By Kelley Travis

When using street shoes to participate in an indoor-cycling class, you are putting unnecessary stress on your feet.   Everyday shoes are designed to provide comfort and support for activities such as walking, running, and standing but not bicycling. When you place the soft sole of normal shoes onto a bike pedal, they bend. This causes all of the force and stress to be placed upon a small area of the foot. This in turn can cause pain and discomfort. 

Have you ever had the sensation of the ball of your foot burning, or your toes tingling?

When using shoes designed for bicycling, you will notice that the sole is very stiff. Although this is not desirable for normal activities, it is superb for cycling. The stiff sole causes the force of the pedal to be evenly displaced upon your entire foot. This relives stress and discomfort, in addition to enabling you to exert more force into the bike. In addition to the added power and comfort provided by cycling shoes, they have the capability to use cleats. When using cleats for indoor-cycling classes, you are able to clip into the pedals. No longer will your foot slip off of the pedal. Furthermore, you will have even more power through the upstroke by the ability to pull up on the pedal.  The above benefits will allow you to ride with greater energy and more importantly, you just might find yourself enjoying the ride more. 

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