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Your Brain on Yoga

September 24, 2013


A recent article in US News & World Report linking neuroscience and yoga claims that the most important puzzle piece is neuroplasticity:

Neuroscience has repeatedly demonstrated the capacity of the brain to rewire itself through experience, known as neuroplasticity. In a practical sense this means that every moment of experience creates grooves in the landscape of the brain, which then affects the way we relate to the minds and bodies of ourselves and others, as well as to the environment around us. The good news is that a changeable brain is a hackable brain — in other words, by understanding some of the rules of brain function, it is possible to learn how to use its capacities more effectively in order to deliberately bring about positive change.

Great news! Synchronizing the mind-body connection and making conscious lifestyle choices through a regular yoga and meditation practice alter the dynamics of our brain in positive ways, leading to positive changes in our lives.

Read more here!

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