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Finding Balance

August 13, 2013

SpinI got out of my comfort zone last week and into a Cycle + Yoga class.

Divided in perfectly in half, the class spends 45 minutes on the bike and 45 minutes on the yoga mat. At first glance, the two exercises seem to be odd bedfellows- the highly energetic, sweaty and loud group dynamic of cycling bears little resemblance to the serene relaxation of going inward in a stretchy Vinyasa class. Upon further examination though, the metaphor is revealed. By blending the Yin and Yang, we stretch a little further and reach a little bit more to find balance.

Chris Plourde, a spin and yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, CA says, “Yoga also teaches us to sit in the discomfort, to breathe and to relax.  In class, I coach my spinning students to evaluate and accept the discomfort as opposed to ignoring it.  If they find a sense of calm while pushing themselves on a hill with their heart rate elevated, it’s a huge reward for them at the summit of their mountain!”

Jenny’s boundary pushing Cycle + Yoga class is on Thursday at 9.30am. Will you try it?

-Courtney Sorrell

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