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Let It Go!

July 22, 2013


As we approach the full moon this month, think about what you’re holding onto. Are you feeling the stress of a busy summer? Disappointed that the sunny days are going by so quickly and losing track of the present moment? Let go with these tips from Yoga International and see what fresh ideas you might make way for:

  • Let It Go. Possessions take up space and energy—in your head as well as in your home. So try this: Every time you buy something new, let go of something old—give it away, or toss it out. By letting go of things from the past, you can live more fully in the present.
  • Breathe. When we get stressed out, we tend to hold our breath. This makes us even more anxious. Release the breath and allow it to flow fully and deeply. Then you will feel more relaxed, open, and spontaneous.
  • Practice Self-Care. When we are afraid and insecure, we may feel a need to cling to and control those who are closest to us. That rarely works. Instead, find ways to nurture and center yourself so that you feel independent and strong in your own right, and can allow others to be who they need to be.

Read the rest here!

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