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The Link Between Glucose and Garland Pose

July 9, 2013



Type 1 diabetes, the sudden-onset affliction of mostly healthy-weight adults, has become as common as 1 in 300 adults in the United States and diagnoses are increasing every year. While the causes are still largely unknown, successful treatments can help keep the disease in check. Yoga can also help!

Practicing yoga and managing T1D share an important characteristic―they are both lifelong lessons in balance. In the case of yoga, it’s not just about twisting yourself into a pretzel while standing flamingo-style on one leg (although you can do that―it’s called Eagle Pose). It also involves balancing your breathing patterns with your movements, balancing the contraction of some muscles against the softening of others, and balancing physical challenge with acceptance of your own physical limitations. A person with T1D must also become a master of balance: carbohydrate intake balanced with insulin doses, stress balanced with increased blood-glucose testing, and―stop me if this sounds familiar―challenge balanced with acceptance.

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