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Do you need a shift in perspective?

November 28, 2012

“When I step into the field of all possibilities, I will experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.”~ Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

That field is what I experience when traveling. Oftentimes the feeling even follows me home and stays with me at least 3 weeks before I find myself forgetting to find the sublime in every
moment. Traveling keeps me very present; it is my preferred form of yoga.

In yoga, we start with the premise that as individuals we want to take care of our health, emotional well-being and develop a deeper connection to spirit in order to serve our families, community and the world more fully. But in today’s fast paced culture, it is easy to lose sight of what is most meaningful in our lives. Frequent distractions and the use of abundant forms of communication technology leaves us little time for restoration, relaxation, rejuvenation and even basic free time. Lack of attention to what is most important leads to depletion, stress and “disease” over time.

Imagine waking up in an exotic location, strolling along a garden path to join like-minded friends for a vibrant, lovingly-prepared organic breakfast; then making your way to a gorgeous outdoor yoga studio where your teacher waits to guide you in an extended, blissful practice. You’ll invest your leisure time in contemplation, setting intentions for your life, turning obstacles into opportunities and visioning your dreams while keeping company with other great beings who share the desire to live out loud, on purpose and with celebration.

By the end of the yoga retreat your spiritual gas tank will be filled to the brim, your battery recharged. You will realize that you are truly supported by friends on your journey, and the world awaits your gifts that you are now empowered to share. Retreats are the perfect vehicle to let the yoga soak into every molecule of your body. Just as traveling keeps us on our toes, yoga is the art of living fully in the present moment.

Experience the Art of Living Yoga in Costa Rica, February 2-8, 2013 with Heidi Dietrich, E-RYT and her Peaceful Warriors, Will Michael, PhD, CHT and Jonny Stax.

Heidi Dietrich, E-RYT is the founder of Dharma & Grace Yoga Retreats as well as Charlevoix Yoga. She teaches yoga and meditation in Traverse City, Michigan. Heidi’s vision is to promote the well-being of mind, body and soul and to share the aspects of yoga that will help individuals experience total freedom. Through classes and yoga retreats, she actively expands our minds to explore yoga as an applied lifestyle. Heidi invites us to investigate and uncover our truth and to shift our lives to match our beliefs, uniting action with intention.

Will Michael, PhD, CHT brings over nearly 35 years of experience leading spiritual retreats and empowerment experiences. With a strong background in eco-psychology, shamanism, hypnotherapy, energy-healing and spiritual mentoring, Will is committed to helping others find joy, which he defines as “the experience and expression of one’s Divinely-Inspired Self.”

Jonny Stax offers deliberately liberating experiences. A social worker by training, Jonny helps artists, adventurers, activists and dreamers to clarify their vision, map their journey, and equip themselves to manifest the unique gifts they offer the world. During this retreat, he will offer individual sessions, lead group dialogue and facilitate rituals for participants with specific intentions or desire to awaken new spiritual pathways.

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