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What is Hygge?

May 4, 2012

This week’s links are dedicated to the pursuit of comfort. Whether our comfort is found within ourselves or created externally, it’s an amazing human quality we all possess, and better still, the pursuit of comfort can draw us closer together.


“The Danes have a word that’s hard to translate, and no foreigner can hope to pronounce, but it’s as Danish as pork roast and cold beer. It’s hygge, and it goes far in illuminating the Danish soul… Gather the family and invite over a couple of good friends. Push the sofas and chairs up close to the coffee table. Douse the electricity and light some candles. Better yet, light a fire in the hearth. Serve plenty of food and drink. Raise a toast or two, or three, and feel the warmth flow around the table. Look at each other until you see the candlelight shimmering in each other’s eyes. You’ve got hygge!”


Our yoga practices are wonderful for many reasons—they’re soul-nourishing, strengthening for the body and centering for the mind. We look forward to that daily or weekly 60 minutes where the only person we have to answer to is ourselves and work hard to take our gratitude into the world. Then life hits us and we start to wind up all of those muscles we melted down. So how do we remain yogic in our everyday lives?


Finally, a genius new app designed to make giving to the charity of your choice as easy as sending a text message. encourages users to “downsize” their luxury to give to someone else in need- say you’d like to go out to dinner. Instead encourages you decide on a 3 star restaurant instead of a 5 star restaurant and give the remainder to charity.

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