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Celebrating Quirky Men!

April 5, 2012

The statement, “Eat more kale” sounds like something you might hear from Dr. Oz, Kris Carr or anyone at a health food store, but when a Vermont man named Bo Muller-Moore took the slogan to a t-shirt, he got some very  surprising resistance. The fast food chain Chik-fil-A filed a cease-and-desist letter for infringement on it’s slogan “Eat mor chikin.”

In Bo’s words, “Cease and desist? Like hell. I’ve decided to fight.” Choosing to stand up for the little guy,  this man is a lesson in courage and determination. Now he’s making a documentary, aptly titled, “A Defiant Dude” that earned a landslide of Kickstarter funds. Like his cause? Find him on Facebook!


Bob Carey’s Tutu Project began as a heartfelt way to help his wife beat breast cancer for the second time. He wanted to give her the gift of laughter and began taking pictures of himself—a chubby, middle-aged man—in a pink tutu. These beautifully shot, funny, and often poignant, profiles capture the sadness, joy, and confusion of his journey.

-Compiled by Courtney Sorrell

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