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Winter Pick-Me-Up

March 1, 2012

This is the time of year that gets a lot of people in Northern Michigan down. March is a mean month- we’re often in our 5th month of snow and cold, plus lots of our friends pack up to leave us and go somewhere warm.  Additionally, after months of winter produce, even our cold weather stalwarts like sweet potatoes can start to seem boring at best. Spring is around the corner, and in the spirit of winter cheer, we’ve rounded up a few links that are sure to bring a smile.

A group of 60 people arranged a domino-like effect to save lives through kidney transplants and goodwill. This amazing show of human solidarity over four months in 17 hospitals and 11 states proves the power that each of us holds for positive change.


This intrepid Colorado artist, with the help of several volunteers, took the old adage about lemons and lemonade and transformed it into snow and snow spiral art. The exceptional coordination and extremely temporary nature of the art make it even more inspired. The video was taken by a remote control helicopter!


I’d never used quinoa to form patties before, but these cheesy little gems from Whole Living came together beautifully and tasted great. Add a side of roasted parsnips, carrots and rutabagas for a perfectly warming winter treat.

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