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Good Things in Small Packages

February 22, 2012

Sometimes, when the world feels really large and you feel tiny, it can feel overwhelming to look at the bigger picture.  This week, we’re looking at the world in micro—at the power of things that come in small or brief packages.

 In East London, an artist who goes by the moniker “The Pothole Gardener”, brightens the world by turning motorists annoyances into delights, one at a time. Sick of seeing roadways in disrepair, this gentleman saw a creative opportunity. While his art isn’t necessarily permanent, and the props are removed after photo shoots, each mini garden’s beauty in an unexpected place brings smiles to the faces of people willing to notice them. Check out this great before and after:

As a closet Oprah fan, I loved this minimal-looking feature in the February issue. Deceptive in their simplicity, these mini-memoirs turn every person into a writer—the only rule is a strict word count of no more than six words. Some are funny, some poignant, and all pack a lot of emotion into six small words. What would yours be? Think about it and leave it in the comments!

Interval training is powerful stuff. Emotionally, we prepare ourselves for quick bursts of strenuous exercise, followed by rest periods, and aim to get heart rates up quickly. Since the hard part is short, we feel like it’s do-able. Best of all, intervals can be worked into existing workouts easily and yield results like increased endurance.

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