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Music, Art and Yoga

February 10, 2012

Adding music to yoga is a little like adding jelly to your peanut butter sandwich. It’s not strictly necessary but it can be wonderful to have, and can take your practice to new levels. Earlier this week, I was in a class and the instructor switched between “words” and “no words” music to fit our yoga flow. “Words” can make a big difference—it’s hard to concentrate on your extended side angle pose with a pop song in the background! Fortunately, this mellow playlist featuring songs by Cat Stevens, Snatam Kaur and Joshua Radin, is easy on the ears and focuses on creating a positive yoga experience.


Art is more meaningful when the viewer has information about the artist’s message as well to accompany the visuals created. The artist behind these graceful doves has a powerful and important statement.

“Suspended Together” is an installation that gives the impression of movement and freedom. However, a closer look at the 200 doves allows the viewer to realize that the doves are actually frozen and suspended with no hope of flight. An even closer look shows that each dove carries on its body a permission document that allows a Saudi woman to travel. Notwithstanding their circumstances, all Saudi women are required to have this document, issued by their appointed male guardian…

In the artist’s words, “regardless of age and achievement, when it comes to travel, all these women are treated like a flock of suspended doves.”


This amazing 20 year old violinist records and loops his music to create a huge sound, perfectly recreating One Republic’s “Secrets.” His obvious love for music and off-the-charts talent is inspiring.


-Compiled by Courtney Sorrell

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