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More than spinning: yoga for cyclists

December 11, 2011

Now that the weather is cold and the snow flurries are about to fly, it’s about time to put away our bikes for the year. But when the winter winds blow, why not take your workout inside? Adding yoga to your routine could improve how you feel AND your form and comfort when spring finally rolls around.

Cyclists spend long hours in what is essentially the fetal position and that can cause all sorts of muscle maladies. Yoga can stretch and strengthen overused and overworked muscles.

Shoulders. Being hunched over those handlebars can take a toll on your trapezius, deltoid, and pectoral muscles. It is important to strengthen and stretch your upper back to prevent atrophy and strain of these muscles. Try the following poses get your upper body in tip top shape!

Locust Pose 

Locust Pose

Image licensed under Creative Commons.

The pose strengthens your upper back and shoulders.

Triangle pose
Triangle Pose

Image courtesy of Nicholas_T on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

The twisting motion of this pose stretches the spine and releases tension throughout the back while strengthening the core and leg muscles

Thighs. After hard work all summer and fall, your quads could use some serious stretching. These poses strengthen your core and improve your balance while stretching and strengthening the quad group.

Floor Bow pose
Floor Bow pose

Image licensed under Creative Commons.

While strengthening the back, this posture stretches the quad and shoulders.

Camel pose
Camel pose

Image licensed under Creative Commons.

This posture reverses the cycling posture to create the maximum benefit for your legs and back.

These postures and more are regularly incorporated into yoga series in all of our classes at YYF!

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