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Yoga for Kids: Taking home what you’ve learned

December 3, 2011

Now that the 30 Day Challenge is done, you look and feel great. But what about your family? Taking yoga home is a great way to help kids deal with the stresses they encounter every day: school, extracurriculars, fights with friends and siblings, body image issues, college applications, you name it! It’s also an opportunity to spend time with you family away from the TV or computer screen.

Marsha Wenig, creator of the program YogaKids, suggests that you’ll need some adaptations to your own practice in order to take what you’ve learned at YYF home. The younger the child, the more open you’ll have to be with your practice. Younger children will relish acting out the animals adults only meditate on. Have fun with it! Be open to learning as well as teaching.

For older children, teaching about concentration while practicing can have profound effects. While learning to concentrate and focus can help deal with behavioral issues, Dr. Donna D. Alessandro has shown that increases in strength, flexibility, and body awareness can can create positive self image in teens and older children.

Whatever the age, passing on the benefits of yoga to your family is a great idea. Taking a few minutes to show them how a breathing exercise might help them calm down after a sibling squabble or before the ACT will help your kids get in touch with themselves. Maybe they’ll eventually get to Peacock pose.

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