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This Week in Wellness: Yoga and Type 2 Diabetes, Bringing Peace to Addicts, How Yoga Came to the West

October 7, 2011

"Superfoods" might help treat and ward off cancer.

This week in wellness news from around the web:

“How Yoga Won the West”

Writer Ann Louise Bardach shares the story of Vivekananda, the Indian monk and mystic credited with bringing ‘yoga’  to America (though not the stretchy pants kind we know today) at the turn of the last century. Via the New York Times.

Yoga Has Benefits for Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

A small study has found that gentle yoga may help people with Type 2 diabetes gain better control over their blood sugar and even lose a little weight. Via MSNBC.

Video: “Yoga Helps Addicts, Homeless Find Peace”

A free program in New York City teaches yoga and meditation techniques to people struggling with addiction, unemployment, and homelessness. Via CNN.

Big Benefits from Even Just a Little Meditation

Studies have found that even just spending 15 minutes a day in meditation can significantly reduce chronic stress, correcting imbalances in the lower brain centers (where “fight or flight” responses originate), improving immune function and helping us respond better to psychological threats, such as rejection. Via Psychology Today.

The Rise of “Welfare Yoga”

Evidence of (and reasons behind) the increase of altruistic yoga classes in community programs across the country. Via New York Magazine.

The Impact of Dietary Changes on Overall Health

How nutrition can help treat, prevent, and help recovery from cancer. Plus, some great recommendations and a list of ‘superfoods’ that may help prevent disease. Via the North Jersey Record.

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