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Deepak Chopra’s “Leela”: Meditation Meets Gaming?

September 15, 2011


In November, mind-body mega-star and author Deepak Chopra will bring gaming to a new level with the release of his own video game, Leela, for XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The game, whose name comes from the Sanskrit word for “play,” promises to “enhance mind-body connections” through movement, visual imagery, meditation, and breathing exercises.

The game is based on the concept of finding optimal health by aligning seven spiritual energy centers, known as chakras, believed by some to be inside each human body. The game is divided into seven stages corresponding to the chakras, with each stage focusing on a different area of the body. Players can even create their own personalized mandala.

But don’t expect to rack up points or “beat” this game as you would others: “There is no traditional winning or losing in Leela, just as there really is no beginning and end,” it says on Chopra’s website. “Leela moves at an individual’s pace, and its only aim is to instill an inner sense of harmony and accomplishment.”

Says Chopra, vis his website: “There are many people who practice yoga and meditation who have video-game systems in their homes, but they rarely use them—but these are powerful devices, capable of creating wonderful experiences. I hope anyone who explores Leela will feel enriched by what we’ve created.”

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