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Meditation Mobs Seek to Inspire

June 3, 2011

A woman participates in a London meditation flash mob. Image via

Yesterday, in London’s Trafalgar Square, a large group of people appeared seemingly out of nowhere. But instead of breaking into a typical “flash mob” activity, like dancing or pillow fighting, participants in this “meditation mob” sat comfortably and quietly, and proceeded to meditate as a group.

This meditation mob was connected to similar recent events as part of a large global network called MedMob. These meditation flash mobs are intended to inspire change and expose people to meditation through public meditation displays, which have been happening all over the world and across the U.S., in cities like New York, Austin, Los Angeles, and many others.

On Sunday, May 29, a global MedMob day lead to thousands of people participating in meditation mobs in 50 cities worldwide, including Brooklyn, which caught the attention of local media. According to MedMob’s website, these meditation gatherings lasted about an hour, and each was followed by a “sound bath” of chanting or playing soothing sounds to connect each participant to “the universal energy of all life.”

For more information on meditation mobs and to find one near you (or start one in your own town), visit and The next MedMob date is June 26.



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