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How Will You Celebrate Earth Day?

April 21, 2011

For 41 years, Earth Day has been commemorated on April 22—a day for green-thinking people to join together to celebrate, educate, and take action in the name of a healthier planet. Of course, the catch is that in order to truly make a difference, Earth Day should be something we strive to celebrate in small ways every single day, instead of just one day in April every year. Still, though—just as New Year’s resolutions give us the chance to examine our lives and see the places we can grow, Earth Day is an opportunity to assess our ecological footprint and pledge to make changes for the better.

Here are some of our favorite Earth Day ideas from around the web. How do you plan on spending Earth Day? What will you pledge this year?

Bring farm-fresh foods to your kids’ school: An exceptional article in Whole Living shares suggestions on how to green up the lunches (both nutritionally and carbon-footprint-wise) in your local schools’ cafeterias, plus 11 other beyond-the-CFL-lightbulb ideas on how to truly make a difference for the planet.

Make a public eco-pledge on Facebook: A Facebook app won’t save the world, but A Billion Acts of Green still gives you the opportunity to make a public pledge to do one (or 12) green things this week for Earth Day. You can also read and take inspiration from what other people have pledged.  Simply follow the link above to make your pledge.

Lose 10 tons of CO2 (and save money while you’re at it): The average American is responsible for more than 20 tons of heat-trapping pollution being emitted into the atmosphere each year. Small changes in your home and lifestyle can drastically cut your carbon footprint; just follow the 12 step program listed over at the National Resources Defense Council’s website.

Share Earth Day with your children: Turn Earth Day into an opportunity to spend time with your children outdoors, engaged in activities that help them understand important lessons like conservation, preservation, and appreciation of the natural world. Plant a tree together, plan a wildlife garden, have a scavenger hunt in the backyard, go for a hike and bring a wildlife identification guide. For more kid-friendly ideas, check out The Nature Lady blog.

Learn a tip a day: Journalist Mindy Pennybacker’s blog,, is a great resource for green living ideas and eco conundrums, such as which plastics are safest for human health, or the best types of cookware for the environmentally conscious kitchen.

Dedicate your yoga practice: It might still be too cold for yoga outdoors, but you can still take a moment to dedicate your practice and send out a little love to the Earth. For other yogi-friendly ideas on making the most of Earth Day, check out this post on

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