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Kids LOVE Yoga

July 20, 2010
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Kids Yoga has been so much fun and next week we are offering 15 additional classes!

Yoga for children provides endless physical and mental benefits.   Yoga helps relax the mind and the body, allowing children to practice inner happiness and self- calming techniques.  Believe it or not, kids experience stress too.  Yoga class provides a place for children to wind up, wind down, and move through stretches and emotions, releasing their very real stress and tension.

In my experience teaching kids, it’s been the most remarkable watching the improvement in coordination and motor skills. Over the course of just three classes children can show significant physical development with increased body awareness. It’s great watching a child take pride in finally holding the tree pose or the “candlestick” shoulder stand.

There are countless news articles and videos popping up in the media about kid’s yoga.   It’s definitely growing in popularity and kids are sowing the benefits all around the world.  This video,  from Karma Kids Yoga based in New York City, provides a unique lens into how amazing kid’s yoga really is!

Not only does Yoga have health benefits, Yoga encourages kids to be imaginative and creative.  With each pose or asana, kids realize their potential and feel great while doing it.  Each class at Yen Yoga &
Fitness offers unique opportunities for kids to uncover their inner happiness.  All kids yoga classes are designed to reinforce the child’s  innate ability to succeed.  We know that kids respond best to learning and exercise that’s presented in fun and integrated ways. During kids yoga classes, fun is our first priority even when we’re practicing breathing or challenging poses.

Sign up today for super “kewl” class that your kids will love!



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